Baptist Men

‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ 

Matthew 25:40

Each community is unique, and Operation In As Much (OIAM) will help North Carolina churches to consider the needs of their communities and work to meet those needs. Possible projects include Backyard Bible Clubs, sewing projects, home repairs, wheelchair ramp construction, homebound visitation, yard work for elderly, blood pressure checks, affirmation of public servants, prayerwalks, block parties, garden projects, child care and nursing home ministry.  

In one day:
Your family can plant a garden
Your Sunday School class can build a wheelchair ramp
Your class can lead a Bible study in the neighborhood
You can change a life forever...

North Carolina Baptist Men, in partnership with NC Baptist Associations and churches, has developed Impact NC. The purpose Impact NC Projects is to connect churches and individuals who want to help with needed volunteer mission projects in North Carolina. The goal is to be the hands of feet of Jesus across North Carolina as we minister both physically and spiritually. This ministry covers all parts of the state. Projects may include week-end or week-long service in sports, children's ministry, evangelism, music, and/or construction, just to name a few. Mission opportunities may also include the collection, delivery, and distribution of needed items such as food, school supplies, baby care items, clothing, and other, which can be done in the course of a few days or over a weekend.

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